Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)

Tesa CMM
Tesa CMM, imported from Switzerland.

The Tesa CMM was the very first machine that arrived Cosmos when we started up the company. The machine was imported from Switzerland. This machine hleps us control our quality.

One year after we bought the machine, we purchased PC-DMIS, the world's leading software for CMM, to enhance our capability. The software enables us to measure various features, to fully manipulate the machine via computer/software, to import 3D CAD for part to CAD comparison, etc.

Furthermore, we have various fixtures for quick and easy setup of workpieces. First, we have a quick setup fixture dedicated for electrode measurement. With this quick setup fixture together with the PC DMIS, we do not need to calibrate the workpiece every time we set it on the machine. The CMM automatically starts doing measurement and compares the electrode to the 3D CAD, after it touches the first point the datum of Z axis.

Tesa CMMUniversal fixture on CMM.

The universal fixture set allows usto set parts with various shapes on the CMM. The standard components of the fixture set makes the part setup more repeatable reducing measurement error. It is a good tool for GD&T measurements.

Visual Measurement System (VMS) and others

We have a VMS machine in our inspection center, which is good for part measurements. Also, we have a hardness tester, to measure the hardness of the raw steel or heat-treated steel. In addition to our own hardness test, we also ask our vendors to provide steel certificate and heat-treat certificate to ensure the hardness of the material is correct.