What’s New

Relocation to ShaoGuan (GuangDong)
May 1, 2013
1st May 2013, Cosmos was relocated from DongGuan city to ShaoGuan city smoothly and successfully. Cosmos Team was able to relocate all equipment, documents and personnel to new factory site and resume normal operation within a week. Over 60% former employee chose to go with the company and are able to fit in the life of ShaoGuan City. Under the new costing structure in ShaoGuan, it's believe Cosmos will be able to offer more competitive price at same level of quality and lead-time.

New all electric Toyo molding machine arrived
May 23, 2012
A brand new 100 Ton Toyo all Electric injection molding machine arrived at Cosmos. It is a brand new 2012 model from Toyo - Si-100V. It will enable us to perform precise molding capabilities for small to mid size molds.

e-Dart system introduced to Cosmos
Feb 28, 2012
We added a e-Dart system to our molding area at Cosmos, from the RJG, Inc. All the injection machines on our floor are now equipped with the RJG sensors for pressure and stroke, which enables us to do a better job in the mold validation process.

New precision Mitsubishi machines arrived
May 12, 2011
2 new precision machines arrived Cosmos in May. They are a Mitsubishi wire-EDM machine and Mitsubishi sinker EDM machine with automatic electrode/tool changer. Equipped with the new machines, we took a big step on improving our capacity/efficiency, capability/quality.

Catering for a better mold quantification methodology - Scientific Molding
Mar 25, 2011
To assure our mold processibility and quality, we have been putting a lot of focus on the mold qualification. To further nourish our knowledge in Molding, we sent our Program Manager to Michigan, to receive a injection molding training. After 2 weeks of lecturing, hands-on practising and rigorous examinations, he was fully certified as RJG Master Molder℠ I technician.

RJG "Mold Launch" training in Cosmos
March 5, 2011
RJG, Inc. held 2 "Mold Launch" training courses in Cosmos. The training courses lasted for 2 weeks, from Feb 22 - Mar 3. There were many professionals from the mold making and molding industry that came to Cosmos and attended the course. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we sent several managers, supervisors and engineers to attend the course as well.

Cosmos was in the Euro Mold Show
December, 2010
Cosmos co-participated in the Euro Mold Show 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany, with Extreme. The show was very successful. Many visitors came to our booth and showed great interest in the Cosmos-Extreme partnership, which gains lots of benefit from such a high-quality-low-cost model.

ISO 9001 certificate renewed to 2008 edition
November 14, 2010
SGS assessed the quality system of Cosmos in the annual audit and certified Cosmos being in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

First injection molding machine arrived
15 September, 2010
A new Haitian 280-ton injection molding machine arrived at Cosmos last week. The machine is an export version with many different customizations, e.g. close-loop control system via KBEA, increased injection pressure and speed, full hardened barrel and screw, etc, to fulfill our mold qualification requirements.

One another report on Cosmos published in the Plastics News
February 22, 2010
Different from the previous articles on Plastics News, this time the writer put the focus on the joint venture business model of Cosmos. Visit here for the English version and here for the Chinese version.

Cosmos is on the China Plastics News!
January 12, 2010
Cosmos was reported on Plastic News China It is the Chinese version of the interview with their Asia Bureau Chief.

Cosmos is on the Plastics News!
January 8, 2010
Cosmos was reported on Plastic News after an interview with their Asia Bureau Chief. Visit here to read the article on the Plastics News.

Cosmos was invited to the CIAPE Show with the AIAG
December, 2009
Cosmos was invited and attended the China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) with the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) from the United States. Cosmos was one of the two representatives from the tool and die industry. There is an article in Mold Maker Technology regarding the event. Please click here for the details.

Cosmos is in the NPE 2009!
July 10, 2009
Cosmos had their first appearance in an expo, and it was one of the largest shows in the industrial, the NPE show. Visit here to see more info.