U.S. Partners

Global Support

Extreme Tool & Engineering, Inc., one of the leading mold makers and Future Engineering, Inc., are our close business partners based in the United States. Our services provided through these two partners include:

  • U.S. based product and mold design
  • U.S. Based Program Management and Communication
  • Certified mold flow consultants
  • Certified RJG mold build and tryout, including rigorous mold tryout and process development (Scientific Molding)
  • End of arm tooling design and build
  • Inspection fixtures
  • Pilot production
  • Full validation including first articles, GR&R, and PPAP’s

Global Support

Our solid network and full integration with the U.S. partners brings cross synergy effects, allowing borderless exchange of information and know-how. Cosmos can take advantage of the design and engineering expertise in the U.S. while keeping the price advantages of production in China. We are also well-positioned to get the first-hand technological information in the plastic injection molding industry.

Our goal is to provide a ready to run solution in the shortest possible lead-time at a competitive cost.

To know more about our U.S. partners, please visit: