EDM machines

We have a total of 4 EDM machines to burn core steel. The new Mitsubishi machine is the latest series in the market, which is capable of handling very precise, accurate and good finishing burning process. With the Auto Tool Changer (ATC), which can hold up to 20 electrodes, it can ensure us to utilize the machine by 24/7 run non-stop. The ATC is vital to further enhance the process efficiency and repeatability of electrode setup.

New Mitsubishi machine for precise and accurate EDM burning.

Auto Tool Changer for higher process stability and repeatability, in addition to 24/7 run.


In the EDM process, we employ electrode fixtures to facilitate easy, quick and precise electrode mounting processes, which can largely reduce the electrode set up and calibration time, as well as enhancing the process repeatability.

We pay a lot of attention on bringing the full machine capability to use. We did a lot of in-depth process study and experiment on our EDM machines, in order to maximize our process efficiency and capability.

Electrodes with quick set up fixtures mounted on a EDM.

Electrodes mounted on quick set up fixtures.